Sir James Ah Koy and Tim Manning deliver Bibles in Fiji

Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2013 at 9:40 am in

On a recent excursion to villages in Yasawa Islands and The Mamanucas, Sir James Ah Koy a prominent Fijian statesmen and devoted Christian along with Tim Manning a well-knownand successful New Zealand developer and island owner have been distributing Bibles. This is the new Fijian translated Bible undertaken by Sir James Ah Koy via his Ah Koy Christian trust over the past few years that has now been completed. There are two bibles one is a straight Fijian translation and the other one is a parallel version being English and Fijian.

Sir James Ah Koy and Timothy Manning delivered these free to a number of villages early in 2013. Their goal is to give one Bible delivered free to every single indigenous Fijian over the next ten years. 50,000 have been circulated and given away free of charge initially.

It has been 170 years since the first missionaries to Fiji translated the Bible, however there were a number of errors and these have been rectified and the translation made simpler with easy to read English/Fijian. Tim Manning of Norwich Properties was pleased to be an investor in this project and commented it was tremendously satisfying to be a part of a fantastic cause helping to enlighten the Fijian people.

Tim Manning and Pacific Island Partnerships along with Norwich Properties have been working alongside Sir James Ah Koy for many years now and this type of project brings great joy to Tim personally and the companies involved.

Tim understands the joy Bibles and their Christian faith brings to Fijian people and hopes to continue his support until Sir James Ah Koy achieves his dream of reaching all Fijians and giving a copy of the Bible to all.