New Zealand property gets a boost from positive migrant inflows.

Posted on Thursday, November 19th, 2009 at 3:02 pm in

A net migrant inflow of nearly 3,000 people – including a trebling of Czech migrants — at 2006 year-end, continued to both support and strengthen the New Zealand property market.

And there was good news on the tourism front with the recorded 2.41-million visitor arrivals in the November 2006 year being the highest recorded for any 12-month period — up 20,600 (1%) on the November 2005 year. This number exceeded the 2.404-million in the June 2005 year. Australia, China and the US provided more visitors, while fewer arrived from the UK and Japan.

Statistics NZ noted that the November figure of 2,730 was up by 1,000 on the net inflow in November 2005. The net gain for the November 2006 year increased from 6,160 to 14,760, from 82,920 arrivals (up by 4180) and 68,160 departures (down by 4,420).

Czech migrant numbers soared, almost trebling for the year, to 290. UK immigrant numbers rose 4.7% for the year to 22,957. Australian long-term arrivals rose by 12% for the month to 1,036, but fell 0.4% for the year to 13,371. Chinese, Hong Kong, Philippine & Thai migrant numbers were well up for the month, and broadly well up for the year.

Short-term visitor numbers rose by 7% in November – up by 15,200 to 229,900. The number from Australia rose by 10 %( 6,500) and the European total was also up by 10 %( 5,300). Chinese visitors rose by 19% to 2,200.

This article was made possible for the NZ Property Monitor by Timothy Terence Manning