MRE Property continues to “look on the bright side”

Posted on Thursday, November 19th, 2009 at 3:13 pm in

Ian Revell from MRE Property (ex Milford Real Estate MREINZ) is always one of those very positive property punters(PPPs) and he believes that there are a number of positive signs around, despite a tiny increase in unemployment(3.6-3.8%)

He reckons that “the USA are likely to accelerate a phased pull out from Iraq now the citizens of USA have voted their disapproval to President Bush” and “the New Zealand government’s coffers are filled with the extra tax take from a resident economy”. That’s good news globally and locally for the property market.

And he sees additional support for that in the fact that “days to sell” have remained steady for October (year on year on year); and that the median price right across the Auckland’s North Shore continues to rise (around 15%) and volumes are up.

His spin is that “these figures confirm most New Zealanders’ belief in property as a safe long-term investment, while property that is in short supply — beachfront, views etc — continues to move ahead of the median figures.

But he does more than thump a tub and peddle his wares, relying on research to reinforce his instincts and experience. And AC Nielsen also ranks MRE Property the No.1 website for real estate offices in NZ “for functional excellence” and seventh for “user satisfaction”.

He notes in his latest newsletter:
- 100 million Chinese viewed a five episode documentary on NZ – preliminary results indicate (a) They did not realise NZ was so cosmopolitan; (b) They loved the natural beauty and space.
(”Watch this space – How many tourists from this?” Coast Radio 105.4 Friday 10/11/06.)
-Regarding China – NZ government estimates 30 million visitors to the Shanghai Expo. NZ Pavilion expects 14 million visitors. What an opportunity for our paradise!
- What a country – NZ has topped a worldwide survey for natural beauty and outdoor activities. Also 2nd for family activities and authenticity of culture and 3rd for safety – Country Brand Index 2006, New Zealand Herald.
- A must – List on our website and get the benefit of new immigrants and New Zealanders coming home for Christmas and looking to get a toe- hold in the property market. Our boutique company receives an overwhelming response from and requests by cashed up “New Zealanders and migrants”.

Buyers, he reckons, like the look of the housing market. Buyer confidence has improved, according to the ASB Bank’s quarterly survey, as reported in the New Zealand Herald.

“Surprise, Surprise! Nothing yet has beaten the bricks and mortar of homes for capital gain on the North Shore.”