Dalian- Auckland Business Luncheon

Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 at 10:59 am in

Tim Manning was the key note speaker at the Dalian- Auckland Business Luncheon for a delegation of top government officials from China. Hosted at the Hilton Hotel, Princess Wharf, in March,  The Luncheon commenced welcoming the delegation with a speech from the Premier- Professor Xia emphasizing the strong relationship between Auckland and the province of Dalian in China.

Dalian currently has a population over 6 million people, with the key industries including an international shipping hub, international logistics centre for China and major financial hub. The development of Dalian will strengthen the relationship between Tim Manning and his company Norwich Properties and government officials in China.

As the key note speaker for the Luncheon, Tim impressed the audience with the latest figures in the exports and imports since the bilateral free trade agreement between New Zealand and China came into force. Tim explained that trade between the two countries is in excess of $10 billion and China is our second largest trading partner- ahead of the U.S.

Tim thanked the delegation for the opportunities they are offering to New Zealand and looks forward to developing within Dalian itself in the years ahead, “it was a scenic prosperious and wonderful province of China” he said.

At the conclusion of the luncheon, a toast to further successful relations between New Zealand and China was executed, solidifying relationships between the two countries. Tim presented a greenstone ornament to the Premier of Dalian which was received with honor, a symbol of respect for one other, and they a precious stamp collection back to Mr Manning.

Tim now looks forward to enhancing his relationship with the Chinese delegation, and moving forward to the opportunities, Dalian offers. He will incorporate his experience and skills to facilitate further Development in Dalian.